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Dive into Blue Lake House Watersports and Boat Tour Adventures.

Boat Tours, Wakeboard & Waterski Rides, Jetski, Waterski Baptisms, Towbuoy Airstream & Ringo Rides

All our tours are guided by seasoned skippers, offering you a variety of options to explore the beauty of Castelo de Bode Lake. You can select from a delightful trip to Dornes, a mesmerizing sunset experience, an exhilarating adventure, or simply a leisurely cruise with opportunities to swim, bathe, and unwind along the 60-kilometer stretch of Castelo de Bode Lake. Our tours even include refreshing stops for a dip in the lake's crystal-clear waters and the possibility of indulging in a lakeside restaurant lunch. Reach out to us for all the essential details and to secure your reservation.
Services Available from June 1 until October 31

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"A lake holiday is like a mirror, reflecting peace and serenity back into the soul."
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